Enrollee Management

Manage your Enrollees with their Dependants effectively, to facilitate prompt response that will give them prompt services. 

Client Management

Keep proper records of the Companies who have subscribed to your services and their Enrollees' coverages with Online access from anywhere. 

Health Provider Management

Health Providers are your Partners to save lives. Keep their records at the tip of your fingers. Access it from phone, tablet or pc.

Claim Management

Claims is the glue that binds the Health Providers to your business, be in control of the claims, know the costs and trends.

Capitation & Premium Management

Increase your business profitability by keeping track of all your expected incomes. Know the net payout/premium rates.


Know the state of your business by a few clicks. The Trends. Do not be a stranger in your business.

About us

ManageHmo.com is a platform built by Telesoft Com, Ltd. It is built to help Health Management Organization manage their activities. It makes managing Enrollees, Clients, Health Providers, Claims and Premiums easier to manage. 

Using ManageHMO.com platform will allow you to know what is going on in your Company even when you are physically away. It does not matter which part of the world you may be, in as much as you have access to the internet. 

It also allow for collaboration between the HMO, their Client Companies and Health Providers. User Accounts can be created for the Health Providers which allows claims initiation in their portal to then submit directly into the system.

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